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How to bring your SEO back to life in 2022

Have you noticed your organic traffic hasn’t been the same as it used to be? Search engine optimisation, best known as SEO, has always been the enigma of digital marketing, but it’s not dead yet. Instead, there are many new techniques cropping up that can greatly improve your site and get your traffic back and even higher than previous levels. Don’t lose faith because of the past year’s changes. It is still a worthwhile investment.

Has SEO changed?

SEO has changed since the early days, when it was much easier to rank and less competition. The Google ranking system has got more complex and takes much more about your site into account in order to accurately assess its quality. The search results page also received a features update. Now you can see reviews, images, videos, shopping and more. Featured snippets are a new element that displays some relevant info from the top page and therefore often have a higher CTR. All of these changes mean one thing, more competition. So what can you do?

New SEO Techniques

Google has done its best to get bad content off its first pages. So say goodbye to spam practices like keyword stuffing, clickbait and bad mobile optimisations. Especially now that Google can really penalise your site for engaging in these kinds of former practices, incorporating these techniques into your new SEO strategy can bring your site back to life.

Mobile optimisations

More searches are being done on mobile than ever. That’s why optimising your site for mobile is key to get a good quality score. With this also comes an increase in voice searches. Make sure your content reflects this in its keyword choices and content types.

Rework older content

You probably have a lot of old content on your site that is no longer getting the hits it used to. Check your data and choose a couple to rework. This means re-doing or creating some new internal links and updating the content to fit new keywords that are more relevant.

Featured Snippets

You’ve definitely seen these before but have you made them part of your strategy yet? To get a featured snippet, include answers to the question a user would search to get to your site. You can also change up your style of content by adding bullet points, lists and infographics.

Organic traffic is still as important as ever, which means your SEO strategy needs to keep up if you want to reach your goals.

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