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How to use video in 2021: The 4 best marketing strategies

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For the past year, video has been transforming the marketing landscape and telling stories that are more engaging than ever before. Extending beyond the more micro social media videos that capture the attention of audiences instantly, video also plays an important role in boosting your brand’s digital presence and SEO.

Make video a part of your marketing toolkit. Here are four of the most exciting ways to incorporate video into your strategy and build up your brand engagement.

1. Live Streaming

This past year, live streaming has really gained momentum as an engaging way to interact with audiences. Streaming in real-time builds a genuine bond with your audience, especially as many felt isolated during the lockdown of the past year. Aside from Q&As or webinars, brands should try streaming their product launches, informal influencer conversations, tutorials, and share an inside look into their business.

2. Boost SEO

We all know the story, the higher your page ranking, the better your chances are that audiences see your content. So how does video fit in? Adding video to your website not only adds to the quality of your page’s search ranking, but also contributes to an important metric: the time users stay on your page. Studies show that users spent on average more than double the time on pages with video than without. In short, creating video content that draws audiences is the next topic to add to your SEO strategy.

3. Personal Videos

Research has shown that most consumers want to see more video on their feeds. Hubspot found that 78% of people watch online videos every week, while 54% watch videos every day. It is a great way to upgrade your brand’s voice and create authentic relationships with your users. Create audience personas and orient your videos to capture their unique needs. Videos that are more personal establishes a relationship to build better brand loyalty.

4. Reels

It’s no secret that Instagram Reels have been very on-trend and growing rapidly as a top engagement tool for marketers. By placing the reels post in the center of the page, Instagram has been pushing for Reels to become THE go-to short-form video. These videos are easy to make and much more reach than a static Instagram post. Incorporating reels into your social media marketing strategy is essential if you want to grow your brand and reach a wider audience.

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