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Below, you find different ways we can work together. Choose between corporate or personal services.

Corporate Services 

One 77 Consulting Corporate Worshops for Mental Health and Business
Corporate Workshops

With my expertise as a corporate workshop leader, I guide teams to navigate stress, prevent burnout, and enhance productivity. By investing in your team's well-being, we can build a resilient workforce that thrives both personally and professionally.

One 77 Consulting Leadership Coaching
 Leadership Coaching

Equip your leadership teams with the vital tools to cultivate healthier and more productive work environments. My coaching sessions offer invaluable insights into human behaviour, mastery of motivation techniques, and effective conflict-resolution strategies. Additionally, we address crucial aspects such as communication, empathy, and the importance of continuous learning for impactful leadership.

One 77 Consulting Speaker Engagements ad Mental Health Talks
Speaker Engagements

Seeking an experienced speaker to enhance your event with an inspiring talk on corporate well-being or mental health? I specialize in topics like anxiety, stress, burnout prevention, PTSD and more, delivering interactive sessions filled with compassion. Prioritizing employee mental health not only fosters a positive work culture but also enhances productivity.

One 77 Consulting Mental Health Advocacy
Mental Health Advocacy

Are you looking to spread awareness, break stigmas, and promote emotional well-being? As an experienced journalist and editor, I'm here to craft compelling articles, produce a wide range of content pieces, and give insightful interviews covering a broad spectrum of mental health topics. Let's collaborate to make a difference together! Also, check out my podcast Barely Naked, where vulnerability meets empowerment.

Personal Services 

One 77 Consulting Personal Coaching and psychological Counselling
Personal Coaching & Counselling

My coaching and counselling sessions are solution-focused and all about helping you set and achieve specific goals, enhance performance, and develop skills to improve your life. Together, we identify your objectives and develop actionable plans for your career, personal development, relationships, or any area of life you wish to improve. I offer group and individual coaching sessions.  

English and German Psychotherapy in Munich One 77 Consulting

I'm here to assist you in improving your mental health and well-being by addressing emotional difficulties, psychological disorders, and unresolved issues. Together, we'll work on alleviating symptoms, resolving inner conflicts, and promoting emotional growth. My services include individual, group, and couples therapy, focusing on anxiety, stress, burnout prevention, attachment issues, and dating. Sessions are tailored to your needs, providing support, insight, and guidance.

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